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Tips for Using VPN to Access Social Media

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is a technology used to connect networks with one another privately through public internet networks. Then, what is the best vpn for iphone 5? Actually VPN connections are secure connections because the exchange of data is encrypted. Generally, VPN connections are used by companies to connect branch offices to one another so that the network is connected locally and securely.

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VPN has recently become a lot of conversation, the impact of blocked access to some social media by the government. Many users are busy installing the VPN application as a strategy to be able to open social media that is blocked. In addition to the main uses above, VPN can indeed be used as an anti-blocking. Connection traffic will be bypassed to the VPN server so that sites or network protocols that are blocked by both the ISP and the government will be open. However, it should be noted that anti-blocking is not the primary use of a VPN.

A VPN that is safe or not depends on the provider for which the application is used. On the Google Play Store itself, many VPN applications can be downloaded for free. Some possibilities can occur such as theft of personal data sold to advertisers, infiltration of malicious applications such as malware adware, and the like. Primarily if the VPN application that is downloaded is a free application.

For professional business needs, you must use a paid, and the Bes VPN Canada services instead of free. Meanwhile, if the need is only to anticipate blocking social media, consider the following tips:


Make sure to download the application from a trusted store (Play Store) for Android users.
If you use free, look for company references VPN application providers, can be from a review or profile on the relevant provider’s website.
Reject the request if the application requests permission to use HP features such as location, photos, contacts, camera, and other features. If forced, uninstall the application and look for alternative applications. This is important because data theft generally starts with this access request.

For online buying and selling, or you are a social media person who uses a free VPN just to keep accessing social media, it is recommended to use a separate mobile phone specifically for which there are no important and confidential application data such as internet bankruptcy, credit card numbers, and so on.

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